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I had the pleasure of working with Charly on a farmhouse that my office did the design work on. As a result of that project, the owner now has a beautiful home and we all have the start of a friendship. Charly is undeniably focused and detailed and never absent from the job. A clear focus paired with a witty sense of humor made it clear from day one that he enjoyed what he was doing and took pride in his work. Seldom does such a comprehensive set of qualities surface in an individual in his line of work. I look forward to working with Charly again in the future.

Mike Shows | Project Manager

Charly Griffith is the quintessential professional.  His knowledge, expertise, and dedication inspire the respect of all who work with him.  He attends to every detail and knows how to ensure that even the most unusual or difficult projects are done right.  His calm, confident demeanor keeps the work running smoothly no matter what challenges may arise.  Charly anticipates what is necessary to make a house beautiful, comfortable, and functional.  He accomplishes all of this with a great sense of humor and an unfailingly positive attitude.

Kristin Tankersley

We were extremely pleased with both the process and the result of building our custom home with Charly. As admitted perfectionists, we set a high standard, but Charly lived up to our every specification. His professionalism, attention to detail, and extensive knowledge were evident throughout the planning and building of our home. Charly listened, communicated clearly, and kept us informed during every phase of the process. Although building a home can be a less than pleasurable experience for most people, ours was a pleasant and positive one because of Charly’s expertise and personalized attention. We remain friends after 14 years of living in our home.  His skills produced one of the best homes in Montgomery and one that will remain so for years to come.

Elise and David Neeland

I worked with Charly on various multi-million dollar construction projects and found him to be one of the best in the business. One of the most important things I appreciate about Charly is the forward thinking he demonstrates to make sure the job runs smoothly and that construction issues related to the design, the practicality of the details and the installation of the material finishes were discussed well in advance. As a practicing professional architect since 1989 with a degree in civil/structural engineering I found Charly to be a great resource for information and have respect for him and his knowledge of the building industry. Charly would most certainly be an asset as the contractor for the construction of any residential or commercial project.

David L. Mullen | DLM Architect, Inc.

Charly and I worked together for over 14 years. He was the superintendent and I was the project manager and together we completed numerous commercial, institutional and retail type projects. I can say without doubt he is the best builder I have worked with in my career. His intense and daily attention to detail along with his thorough knowledge of all phases of construction makes him the owner’s best friend. I never had a concern over whether Charly was “building it right”. In addition to these qualities Charly has tremendous people skills allowing him to hear exactly what an owner is saying. Being in the construction business myself I have built my own homes. But I can say without question if I did not have that option Charly Griffith would be the first and only call I would make.

Jon Hilyer | Project Manager

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